Saturday, January 28, 2012

Are you supposed to see your breath in your own apartment?

It's been so cold here and yes we can see our breath in our apartment...not cool. But we're dealing. We've been on vacation for over a week so we've just been hanging out and watching tv. We started by trying to go to so we could watch Once Upon A Time but it only works in USA! Grr! Then I thought maybe we could use Hulu. Nope, that doesn't work in China either. Bummer. Now, if you know us then you know how much tv we watch and how big of a bummer this is. So we had to go through and hand pick six shows that we could not live without. Those of you who watch a lot of tv, which shows would you pick? It's hard to do! The rest is on a wait list that we'll get to when we can. Oh and we got a new tv to watch these shows on!

Yesterday we decided to get out of the apartment. We went to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial and Yuexiu Park. The memorial was amazing and the park was humongous. Mom, remind me to never take you to this park. There are so many stairs I thought I might die! But it was beautiful. We saw the five goats statue, and yes it's exactly as it sounds. We also saw a wall from the Ming dynasty. It was a cool park.

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  1. What the poo happened to the comment I left? Anyhoo, I finally found your blog! I sent messages out to peeps to follow it. Love you mucho much!!