Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year started today! Last night at midnight there were fireworks all over the city but we were in bed cuz we had spent the whole day walking around in the rain. We went to the flower market on Beijing road. It was amazing!! There were flowers and people everywhere!! We ate KFC, it wasn't the same :(. I wish we could've stayed longer but the rain was making it kind of miserable. We ventured into a bookstore where I learned that even in another country, I am obsessed with books! The books ranged from ¥60-85 ($10-15). Which is comparable but I wanted to buy them, lots of them! They had beautiful Harry Potter sets (with the original Philosopher's Stone) and they had a stunning set of the twilight series and even though I already own both there was a yearning in my heart for them. Maybe one day.

The flower market was crazy! We only walked two streets and we were there nearly three hours! There were orchids, roses, mums, lilies, and many more. They were set up down the middle of the street and people walked on either sided depending on the direction they were going. It was like the most organized street fair ever. Then we went down stairs to the metro and there is a complete underground mall! It's amazing! The shops are funny here. They're about the size of walk-in closets. Not many stores are huge like in America. We had a donut, which was delicious, then we headed home.

On the way home we stopped by our favorite vegetable and fruit people (they're on a street on the way home from the metro). We got some apples and peas ad some noodles from the guy across the way and had a delicious dinner. Oh, BTW, we've decided that when you come visit us we'll take you to the noodle guy you can pick your own noodles and whatever you want in it and that'll be dinner! Fun!

Anyways, tomorrow we're doing something with the bro and sis-in-law. Not sure what's in store for us but stay tuned!


  1. Doughnuts look good and I want to buy all those books!!! I have a region free bluray of HP and feel special when they say philosophers stone.

  2. The doughnuts ARE good! You should come get one! :0) And yes, I will be coming home with those Twilight books!

  3. I finally figured out my stupid Google password so now I can comment. Was that a Barnes? I see a Moleskin on that tree and what kind of doughnut did you get?

  4. Nope not a Barnes, just a cute little book store! I went back recently and bought myself the first Twilight book ;) I don't remember now but I think I got a glazed one and Annaliisa got a tasty! They top them with a pudding type stuff. Yum!