Sunday, April 8, 2012

We're settling into life here...

So now it's become kinda boring. We go to work, we come home and watch TV and do schoolwork then we go to bed. Not very exciting.

We finally got the package my mom had sent us over a month ago. We all thought it had been lost and was on its way back to the states but the million tank tops showed up just in time for us to wear them for a few days and then have it start raining. HA!

Oh wait...I totally forgot I do have one exciting piece of news! I got a job writing a fiction column for an online magazine based here in Guangzhou, geared towards foreigners! I am so exciting and I'll be sure to keep you guys posted. There's supposed to be a launch party for the magazine this month too but I have not heard anything yet.

Here are some recent pics...
 Kyle and Crystal with Crystal's Aunt (next to Kyle), Crystal's cousin
(the guy behind her) and his new wife!

 Babies! :0)

 Annaliisa teaching a story

 Anyone need some insoles?

 Beijing Road!

 Imparting our culinary wisdom on our new friend!

Fried rice and Squash
Dinner with Erin!

 Annaliisa and Cheryl!

 Amy! She's so cute :0)
 Annaliisa is soo happy that my mom sent her some mustard!
 Annaliisa helping Mindy with a game.