Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is it about Garry Marshall that makes you feel better on a sick day?

So I am home sick today :(. Last night I got a terrible fever while shopping at IKEA (I know, a travesty!!) and now I am at home watching movies which isn't so bad but I'd rather not be sick.

Yesterday, as previously mentioned we went to IKEA which was pretty cool. I wish I hadn't been sick so that I could've fully enjoyed it. It's just like the IKEA's in the states except everything is cheaper. :D. We will definitely be going back!

Since the last time I posted we also had a gathering for Annaliisa's birthday with my bro and sis-in-law. That was fun but for some reason everyone eats dinner really late so even though they left at 1 they had only been here for a few hours. But we had a great time. Annaliisa made pork (cuz we couldn't find beef) burgers an we wrapped that in lettuce. She also made some potatoes (you know the kind you get for breakfast) and I made a cucumber salad. Delish!

We also found a foreign supermarket and while it was expensive we bought a few things and it was nice just to see familiar things :). Fun times! Now I gotta wrap this up and do some writing!

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  1. Annaliisa looks so happy with her spaghetti sauce, lol!!