Sunday, February 26, 2012

60 days have come and gone!

It's so crazy! I can believe we've already been here for 60 days and no I'm not counting down, it's just time for us to refresh our visa. We realized yesterday that time was upon us and we had a mini freak out cuz we hadn't planned anything but luckily one of the other foreign teachers is going to Hong Kong the exact day we need to! So we're gonna have a girl's trip to Hong Kong! Yay!

Tonight we went to dinner with our neighbor, Catherina! Yeah that's right, a real Chinese friend outside of work and family. We met her all on our own. After dinner we walked through the underground mall to escape the rain and found a Dairy Queen! Yep awesomeness!! So we had lots of fun!

I also started my own class on Sat. I was a hit! Three kids signed up because of me and I get a second class this coming Saturday! I'm enjoying it more now that I have my own class. I feel more comfortable but I still hope I just make enough money with my book when I release it ;).

Pictures are of us with Catharina, and the medication is what they gave me at the hospital for my chest cold!

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