Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I did it!

I FINALLY got all my paperwork in for my passport! Oh my goodness was that painful. Sharing a car with someone and having a funky work schedule proved very difficult to find time to go the post office and submit my paperwork but I finally got the car to myself this morning so I took advantage!

Here's my advice for anyone applying for a passport...Have ALL of the paper work filled out before you go along with your birth certificate, a photo copy of the front and back of your Driver's Licence, a passport photo that you can get from Walgreen's for $9, and personal checks or cashier's check all ready to go.

The first time I tried to get my passport I for got my birth certificate. Don't do this! The lady will look at you like you're dumb! Of course you need to prove your place of birth before you get a passport from that country.

Second time I tried I forgot to photo copy both sides of my DL but that was ok because the lady was so slow that I had to leave or I would've been late to work.

So third time's the charm and I went in with my birth certificate, my DL photocopy, my passport photo, my personal checks already made out to Department of State for $110 and U.S.P.S. for $25 and I was out of there in five minutes. I had time to get myself a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and two hashbrowns from McD's, deposit money into my account so the checks would go through AND make it to work early!

If I have learned anything from this endeavour it's that you should really go onto the U.S.P.S. website and read the entire list of what you need before you ever go inside.

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