Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hong Kong here we come and go...

This is my first post today (I will have at least two more). Every time I thought about posting something for you wonderful people I remembered that I had to do it on my phone and I was tired and had homework and blah. Now here we are, more than two weeks after my last post and I have so much info and pictures for you.
To begin our journey of March we headed to Hong Kong on the 5th to refresh our visas. I say refresh because we literally just had to cross the border and return but we went with our friend Erin because we didn't know what to do. She had to actually renew her visa which takes at least 6 hours. So we palled around with her and went shopping. Not Annaliisa's idea of a good time but she was a trooper.
(On the train to Hong Kong)

(Hong Kong)

Although we didn't see much in Hong Kong, we did see some adorable doggies. There were some people outside of Forever 21 (sort of like ARF or FBR in Fresno) and they had the pups out there and one was a huge St. Bernard. He was handsome.

Erin found out there was a Forever 21 in Hong Kong and was giddy as a schoolgirl. She freaked and we had fun just seeing her reaction.

Happy day!

Besides going to Hong Kong, we have been having fun exploring the many things our neighborhood can offer. About two weeks ago there was a guy selling pineapples.

 He peeled them for you too! Coolest thing ever so naturally we got one.

Oh, and outside of our metro station there are these guys who sit on their scooters asking people if they want rides but if a po-po comes they all disappear. LOL. It was so funny to watch them scatter and then resume their positions immediately after the threat was gone. Luckily I was able to snap some pictures.
There they are...

And there they...


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