Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dinner with Friends

Here's a post draft I found sitting on my blogger dashboard. Weird that I didn't post it but here it is now!

Our neighbor, Catherina, really wanted to hang out with us again but we had had a crazy week so we didn't want to go anywhere but we invited her over for dinner and she was ecstatic. She brought her friend over and we made breaded pork steaks, cucumber salad, and sauteed green beans...
Oh, and noodles and bread. Delish!
(Sorry I couldn't turn the pic)
Getting ready to cook with all our goodies from the produce market!


Teaching our new Chinese friend how to bread chicken like my momma does!

And then they looked through my DVD...which they loved!!!

It was such a fun night. We watched Date Night and had an awesome dinner, they loved both. Just the fact that we were able to make friends with Chinese people outside of our school is great and they're great at that!

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